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From technology installation and support, essential repairs, to furniture assembly, we’re here to assist with tasks of every size and scope.

Aurasius Residential Services

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Access immediate assistance with upfront pricing and instant online booking for computers & printers installation, handyman services, and more—exactly when you need it.

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With our handyman services, effortlessly plan home care and maintenance to ensure your home stays pristine and operates seamlessly throughout the year.

Transform your space into the home of your dreams.

Discover resources and inspiration to initiate smart home improvement, tech installation, other home projects and realize your dream projects.

What is great about Aurasius?

Aurasius Residential Services

Price transparency

At Aurasius, we are committed to price transparency as a cornerstone of our customer service. Most of our service prices are displayed upfront on our website, allowing you to see the costs when you book online, ensuring there are no surprises or hidden fees.


Service Support On-Demand

Aurasius provides on-call service support to ensure you receive immediate assistance for any home service needs. Our expert team is always ready to respond, offering reliable and prompt solutions right when you need them.


Aurasius Labor Warranty

Aurasius stands behind the quality of our work with a 90-day labor warranty on all installations, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Coupled with our commitment to excellent customer service, we ensure that every interaction and solution we provide enhances your experience and meets your expectations.