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Home Theater

Eliminate the hassle of setting up your system with our home theater installation services.

Let us create your ideal home theater setup. In addition, we offer services to mount your TV, enhance Wi-Fi speeds, and much more.

Why choose Aurasius for your home theater service?

Aurasius Residential Services

We can assist regardless of where you bought your devices.

Aurasius Residential Services

Nationwide with thousands of Techs across the country ready to help.

Aurasius Residential Services

We offer 90-Day labor warrany on all computer services.

Popular Home Theater Services

Soundbar Setup

We will expertly install your soundbar or connect your receiver and additional audio equipment to stereo or surround-sound speakers, ensuring optimal audio setup.

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Streaming Video Device Setup

We’ll connect your streaming video device to the Internet and handle the initial setup, install and configure your streaming video apps, and demonstrate how to use the device’s features effectively.

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Smart Hub or Speaker Setup

We’ll expertly configure your smart hub or speaker system, seamlessly integrating it with your home network and other smart devices. Whether it’s for voice control, streaming music, or home automation, we ensure your setup is tailored for optimal performance and ease of use, providing you with the ultimate smart home experience.

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